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ALIVE & FREE: The Prescription to End Violence, Change Lives

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Robert Jacobs is an active member of the Board of Advisors for Alive & Free: The Prescription to End Violence and Change Lives (formerly The Omega Boys Club):

At the heart of the Alive & Free Prescription is the notion that violence is a social disease with an explicit treatment process.

Like disease, it is transmitted by the germs of bad information, bad instruction, bad advice, and bad examples which, to young people, appear to be good.  Youth are exposed to these germs via their families, peers and neighborhoods; through music, television, video games, and movies. The disease falsely appears as techniques for survival, known as “game” or “street smarts”. In fact, the opposite is true - infected youth do not survive, they only learn how to die or go to prison.

The “Alive & Free Prescription” works to change beliefs, attitudes, values and actions that promote violence. Alive & Free identifies and addresses Risk Factors - the actions that put young people at risk of violence - and the Commandments of Violence - symptomatic thinking that puts them at risk. The Prescription then counters them with the Rules for Living that promote positive lifestyle choices to mitigate against the onset of the disease of violence.

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  • 91% College Graduation Rate
  • 239 College Graduates
  • 33% Masters or PHD

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Robert Jacobs is Founder if the Jazz Education Ensemble - 

Over the past four years the Jazz Education Ensemble (fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts) has developed an amazing jazz enrichment program at Thornhill Elementary School in Oakland. This year we are fortunate to have added a second school, Kaiser Elementary also in Oakland. Expansion plans include offering our jazz programs in additional communities with the goal being to positively affect social change and help build community pride, dignity and hope. However, our first four years were operated on a shoestring budget and teachers agreed to be paid less than adequate salaries in order to help get the program started. Now that we have proof of concept and interest from other schools, we would like to pay reasonable wages to teachers.

As musical mentors, our greater mission is to enrich the future of our global community by empowering children with the ability to solve problems through creative thinking, and develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to work together in groups to achieve artistic and leadership mastery beyond previous expectations. On an individual level our students learn through sharing and practicing basic jazz music concepts that improve cognitive flexibility, enhance curiosity and foster resourcefulness; benefits that can have far reaching positive effects within families as well as in local communities. 

In our current world environment where significant technological and other changes occur faster than humanity has ever experienced, the ability to think creatively, consider alternative solutions rapidly and be brave enough to test ideas as part of the process to create solutions are the fundamental lessons learned by students in our classes. Accordingly, the ideas realized through our courses make this experience a timely, constructive and inspirational program.

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For over 25 years, Robert Jacobs served on the Board of Directors of this private, non-profit school serving students with learning difficulties...



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7 Continents One Human Race (SCOHR)

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